Hi, I’m Deidra!

Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up by modest means on my mother’s income as a factory worker. With the intimate knowledge of the meaning of money and debt from a young age, I learned to appreciate parts of life as seemingly insignificant as mud, ants, and worms.

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with my weight and self-acceptance. While creating a healthy lifestyle for myself, I developed a love for cycling and running as a young adult; and I continue those passions to this day. After moving to Minnesota in order to pursue my writing career and to live in one of the country’s most biker-friendly cities, I also discovered my love for backpacking, especially enjoying the beautiful Superior Hiking Trail.

My overall goal in life and writing is to love. I strive to make every action of mine and every word I type a way of sharing love with others. While I know I am imperfect, I continue to strive.

I have a B.S. in Secondary Education, English, with a focus in creative writing. I taught English in grades 7-12 before moving on to other passions. Currently, I’m the Lead Classroom Specialist at Mackin Educational Resources where I help build updated book collections for grade PK-12 classrooms.

I seek and create writing opportunities which allow me to express my passions. I want the world to see people as I do, as individuals with hopes, dreams, and stories. No matter how poor, how beat down, or how many mistakes a person has made, we are all human. I seek to show that shared humanity in my writing.

Meanwhile, I continue living in the Twin Cities, enjoying hikes throughout all 4 seasons, and playing fetch with my cat.